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If we can't handle what User:Trolls dishes out, then, how could we ever handle the funded trolls paid to do this on a daily basis to Research Wiki? We need clear definitions of what constitutes vandalism as well.

This sort of thing simulates one of the obvious worst cases - degarding of the GFDL corpus by those who simply insert nonsense to discredit those who tell the truth about them. Are we going to fall prey to it, or deal with it?

If we're going to deal with it, how? Find a faction that will accept User:Trolls and modify his/her/its editing behaviour? Have a wiki witchhunt and try to assign an alleged and collective identity to such trolls? Or what? This is exactly what we have to deal with in practice.

Let's start with the best practices we have, like Lowest Troll, and see if we can't civilize these people a bit to behave properly in an equal power relationship.