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So it is not a pure one wiki model but has tried to keep as much as possible in the main Wikipedia space.

Main namespace is for encyclopedic articles, all maintenance related stuff and social interaction is dispersed around the other namespaces. --Juxo 17:08, 25 Jan 2005 (EET)

What's more it does so with few user permissions applying to reading (only the ability to delete pages is a limit on what can be read), and a few more on writing - a sysop can protect pages or revert pages.

What's happened to you 142.177.X.X? If you didn't notice you forgot to mention the ability to ban users from editing articles? --Juxo 17:08, 25 Jan 2005 (EET)
That is not relevant because it is an ontological distinction - it relies on alleged and collective identity and bizarre claims like sysops claiming to know the intent of people they call "trolls" and so on, and "who is writing that" and so forth. It's nonsense. We are talking here only about operational distinctions like the actual block IP operation.
In other words, there's no such thing as a "ban" in a wiki - a "ban" is a thing done by the governance org, and it relies on all kinds of information they claim to have but do not have, and which have nothing to do with the wiki or the one wiki model. So if there is talk about a "ban" then it will be in an article about lawyers and libel suits and the Consumerium Governance Organization, not an article about sysops and wikis.
Beyond that, it's mostly just total nonsense. Any of us 142.177.X.X trolls can edit Wikipedia right now, and no one really cares. They don't care, because trying to care and engaging in wiki witchhunt against us for our EXCELLENT AND NEARLY PERFECT work, which over time has STUCK NEARLY 99% OF THE TIME EVEN WHEN TARGETTED for sysop vandalism, is stupid, when there are such as SOLLOG out there. Now that they realize how bad things can really get, they no longer try to nitpick us. Next they must realize that they need us as allies, that perhaps sysops are trolls, and must ally with trolls, because only trolls know the trolling techniques well enough to respond to them and de-escalate conflicts.