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this in the long run will make sysops far better life protectors!

Why ?

Why? Because life is good!

How ?

because first they protect trolls even if the trolls bite them on the leg. his This the same as forest rangers protecting other wild things that also bite them on the leg. Just like in the forest, if it bites you on the leg a few times and does not get kicked, it becomes tame and thus your friend. Good trolls and good sysops develop this relationship usually. Good sysops don't resent being bitten on the leg much as they know it is just what trolls do. Trolls know that ifthey can bite on the leg and not be kicked, too hard, or not hunted down, then they are safe to bring more vulnerable non-troll wild things in to make a funny garden.
right ! there is a symbiosis between all the editors, the sysops and the trolls. Some sysops, such as the gang of four think the relationship with the trolls is one of parasitism, which has to be solved by spraying insecticides all over the place to get rid of a couple of tiny unpleasant bites. They don't see that spraying the insecticide is also hurting the myriads of nice little insects, and that the whole system is suffering from losing some of its limbs. They don't see how poor the world they create is, how sad. They see not the growing frustration and resentment of the non-trolls. Who might blow up in their faces one day.
here is a case study and another of such idiocy - the little tin god who is not like this:

Good sysops are nurturing little life around them. They see the trolls at worse as neutral symbionts, bringing nothing to the relationship, but feeding on the system. At best, they see them as commensals, where both sides can find benefits, and forget the little hurting bites just as growing pains.

Yes, a good sysop might scream "iiiiik, a troll", but he won't smash him in the face; he will feed him some bits of dry bread instead. Till the birds come.

Trolls ask only for bread with mold - when all bread is fresh, trolls go away to troll elsewhere; What is a "gang of four"? It sounds like a thing from or for Disinfopedia. I don't think there are even four people, even trolls, here on Consumerium!
quite true. But, what will consumers say if the bread is molded !!!
Yummy? No not yummy. I just had a bite of badly molded ryebread and I can tell you that it wasn't a savoyry experience.
Know the story of Hansel and Gretel ? little house in the forest. Sometimes humid. Not good for biscuit preservation. Yup, the house was all molded today. Fell on my head. Yours too ?
You're cruising for Kit-Kat McFlurry force-feeding there young IP. I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm stressed out on worrying how some of these off-topic ramblings must seem to some parties that we're going to have to convince that we're making sense. Juxo 07:27 Apr 26, 2003 (EEST)
I didnot sleep much either. These are not off-topics. Consumerium should protect living things first, and not scare away shy living things. Consumerium must convince living things before convincing non-livings. Living are everything, producers, transformers, consumers, recyclers. Full cycle. Important.
Yes yes yes yes! Trolls are happy now. We have almost a funny garden. Do not worry details or ramblings yet, only about KKMcF and funny gardening and moldy bread. Read w:conceptual metaphor - logic is useless until you know where you are and have a point of view. Remember Shakespeare invented 1/3 of the words that he used! So sense evolves from metaphor, do not pre-impose sense or perspective! Now I go under the bridge again. But this is mostly up to you as I am so old.

I don't quite understand the following paragraph:

Questions of how, when and how much are far more open as they do not hold up bodies to scrutiny by non-living things that may harm them. If you keep in mind that Consumerium protects bodies from not-bodies, that makes it easier to remember not to use a not-body idea to try to reveal or attack any body. This is especially important for respecting anonymity.

Care to write it in English?

Respect anonymity, and don't help human-made-construction to harm living things.

very good yes I agree, a body is living and a not-body is not living. We protect not-body too much because of ideology, we are overly attached to ideas and not enough to other bodies. See w:group entity for explanations.