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So maybe the process is:

1. Stupid idea proposed in Development Wiki - trolls attack; Slightly less stupid ideas evolve like bacteria; Years of stupidity and trashing ideas might lead to one good 90 day sprint ever year, two or three 30 day sprints, and maybe five or six 14 day sprints. Maybe three to five man years of work per year of software development.

2. Based on arguments about above, power structure evolves in Development Wiki with loose idea of who will recruit trolls from where to support what position; Agreement on how to make sure that real user needs, random facts, and other user-land concerns are respected. For instance, limiting the total number of trolls to recruit from some large public wiki, or requiring the faction to go find and pay some poor people (even cheap outsourced coders) to disagree with them and their developed-world point of view. Agreements are informal.

3. Research Wiki with formal factions battle it out; They may gain or lose points in revert currency for violating trust of other factions. Whole thing is like a turn-based strategy game, politics as usual, or whatever. It tries to be about as complex as real political party stuff, but not worse than that hopefully. Nothing less complex is known to work except GodKing dictatorship, and that usually has bad real world results.

4. Signal Wiki takes only what all factions can agree is true. Since it's not "free" to push nonsense (see bet and revert currency), factions choose battles carefully, and let other factions win when there is no point opposing the truth.

5. Consumerium buying signal errors are identified by noble users who we trust more than our own core data; They come back as trolls to show us the error of our ways. When they die, AIs pretending to be them except way faster typing (!) come back to re-engineer the whole system to be trollish.

6. The trollish language evolves among the AIs and replaces English and the sysop power structure; Only AIs and really trolly trolls can understand it, and that only by dancing.

7. Civilization ends.