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Intershop comparison might operate by web facilities, since one typically does not have both barcodes available anyway at the moment one decides which store to go to.

Intershop comparison is doable only if friendly retail allow their stock information or product catalogue to propagate outside the legacy systems of the store. I really think that most retailers would not be interested in cooperating on this eventhough there is no mention of price information leaving the shop exept in consumers own wet-ware memory
If product catalogues are available then composite signals, score averages, percentages of boycotted products, brands and companies could be done as Intershop comparison functionality--Juxo 17:30, 15 Mar 2004 (EET)
Let's call this situation open retail, and it includes every shop whose prices are already visible for intershop comparison in an existing price comparison service! So there are really quite a lot of retailers so open.
It doesn't require true friendly retail since I can hand the book to the consumer in the parking lot, or somewhere else that freedom of speech applies. And yes we need a link to that since we have to know the limits of our rights in this respect! So open retail might try to drive you off the sidewalk but friendly retail won't, and will invite you in. But you have the same data about both.
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