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Does consumerium need a governance organization?

yes it does. I will transfer all copyrights to an democratic association as soon as there is an organisation I can trust (ie. Run by people I know) Sorry for being paranoid.
Democracy does not solve all problems. "Run by" should be defined. Paranoia is fine. You only get to do this once.

Is such a thing valid at all?

Yes it is. This will not endure long if this is just run by the supreme gardener Juxo
Why not become Lowest Troll? It is that troll who decides what roots to chew on, thus affecting the funny garden as it appears in the sun.

Does it exist to pursuade readers?

I don't understand the question.
Consumerium is persuasion technology.

Who is the copyright holder of record? etc.

check whois:// and you will see that Juxo holds all the copyrights for now, but I will be glad to give them up to some democratically run organisation.... of course one must consider that I'm paranoid about the organisation holding the rights ;)
Legitimate, however, what that whois says is irrelevant. The notices at the bottom of this page say that "all contributions to Consumerium Wiki are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License" WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ALSO RELEASED UNDER SOME OTHER COPYRIGHT WE AGREE ON. So there is a potential for forking at some future time when the CGO has been defined. If we assume some accept, some reject, the CGO, that must be a well-planned event, else people will fork off randomly.
Fork fork fork...
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