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    There is no "speculation" here, a human cannot rename twenty pages to random strings and then blank them all in one minute, and that's exactly what was happening in the last week at Recyclopedia, over and over again. That was a vandalbot attack, and no one watching it could say any different.

    I recall you previously claiming that the attacks lasted for several months and my personal experience as a user of Recyclopedia contrasts this claim that you made and now you have revised your story. How can I trust you on the above claim. --Juxo 14:33, 26 Jan 2005 (EET)
    a human cannot rename twenty pages to random strings and then blank them all in one minute—tell that to the Willy on Wheels. :-) He claims to use nothing more complex than tabbed browsing [1]. 09:08, 4 Feb 2005 (EET)

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    The Anarcopedia's policy effort builds on prior efforts at Recyclopedia - an attempt to build a large public wiki without use of sysop powers at all. This failed however when many pages were renamed, censored, attacked, vandalized and moved by overt supporters of Wikimedia - this is not disputed - who had preferential access to vandalbot technology developed by Tim Starling, - this is not disputed - a notable advocate of technological escalation - likely to prevent the New Troll point of view from spreading. The Recyclopedia failed, and evidence of the above was largely removed from view.

    I'll get back to disputing all of this when I get my email working and dig up Bobo's email address from somewhere.
    Forget what "Bobo" says. Just look at the actual logs.
    Logs? Give us a link.
    Yes, that would be very interesting...
    Ooh, a conspiracy theory! (All completely unproven and probably unprovable, of course, like any good conspiracy theory. . .) Duder, a computer-literate adolescent could have done what you describe. He wouldn't need to be a Wikimedia supporter, he wouldn't need Tim Starling's help, and he wouldn't necessarily have to have any motivation apart from a cheap thrill—all he would need is competence in a scripting language (Javascript would probably suffice) and a working knowledge of MediaWiki. 09:08, 4 Feb 2005 (EET)