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You endanger the project by marginalizing critiques of Wikipedia as if they were just one person's opinion:

Wikipedia has made very serious mistakes that are destroying it. These include not having an independent board (for Wikimedia), developing its own software (mediawiki), running governance with a mailing list, having a GodKing, encouraging ad hominem delete and other sysop vandalism. MANY people complain about ALL of these things, and have written eloquent long essays about why they are bad mistakes. If you don't want to read all these, or become an expert in Wiki management and wiki code, they have to be compressed in one account of every issue. For better or worse, we've got that.

Unless you want these things done also by the same people in your Content Wiki and Opinion Wiki, you will have to clearly state what's wrong with these policies, and why you aren't going to let Consumerium Governance Organization make any of these mistakes.

Many Wikipedians are stupid, and many are liars, certainly those "in charge" are both. However, that's not relevant, what's relevant is, not letting those people take charge here, and also not repeating the mistakes that let that kind of people take charge.

Insurgent -- someone on the streets of Iraq after dark who gets shot by United States snipers.

Vandal - someone whose contributes to Wikipedia without the approval of a self-selecting governing cabal that rules by insult and intimidation. Sock puppet 10:32, 13 Apr 2004 (EEST)

See also: [1]. Really, this isn't a joke. It's a life and death matter.