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This article is for choosing good systems (technical) for The Consumerium Effort - Enhancing Consumer Informedness

Factors affecting systems selections[edit]

  • Copyleft 'free to modify' and 'free of cost' software is strongly preferred over other solutions.
  • Minimal modifications made (MMM) is an preference as well. This will ensure that we don't get swamped down on patching ad-hoccy, unstandard aged solutions to keep 'em working with the new stuff.


  • Integers w:BASE10 for integers, size depends on available solutions. Escape integer ceiling by bluntly encoding the integer as string of BASE-10 chars, dirty hack but could do the trick.
  • Condense URL encoding w:BASE64 and 64 possible characters, exactly 6 bits from w:ISO/IEC 646 (hard compatible with 7-bit ASCII)
  • w:UTF-8 encoded w:Unicode for text. UTF-8 is efficient and allows 2^32 different characters.. unless escaped to 40-bit in future revision

Copyright and copyleft protections system selections[edit]

  • Copyleft licensing for content, code and Consumerium Commons media repository
  • Automatic plagiarism testing which usually probably also translates to copyvio
  • Disqualify and rapidly remove all copyvio
  • Discourage piratism. Piratism on copyleft much stronger than on copyright.

Data identifiers[edit]

Product and service classifications[edit]

Product and service classifications


Main article: Databases

Currently using all major free software RDBMS:

Considered databases

Candidates for testing

  • All copyleft licensed triplestore and more advanced i.e. graph


Programming languages

Currently used languages

Considered languages / languages of interest


Frameworks for glueing into various systems


Current server software

Future software

  • Once MaidSafe goes persistent stage Consumerium will be deploying many nodes in order to earn SafeCoin to pay for future storage needs. Provision of information services to the denizens of the SAFE Network is also naturally a priority but basically patching a normal webapp onto the SAFE Network is straightforward and easy. Also: commiemism.



APIs to communicate with:

  • MediaWiki API
  • Free social media ones
  • Commercial social media ones

Data sources[edit]

Data sources: Own own data source

  • Semantic MediaWiki well thought out and set up on implementation wiki (
  • Development Wiki - User database, userspace sharing or importing and Unified Login are being looked at as options.

Data sources: Semantic web

The w:semantic web at large and the w:semantic wikis are treasure troves of interesting data which Consumerium should tap into early on to avoid redundant manual replication and duplicate data insertions.

Lists of Sparql endpoints

Media sources[edit]


Free social media