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Consumerium analysis work in progress on social media

We can divide the various social media by type. Most obvious is profit vs. nonprofit which we will use here.

The main quartet of the free is

And the for-profits are

Free social media

Consumium free social quartet

Consumium free social as of 2016 hosts 4 free social media:

Additionally there is a GNU MediaGoblin media hosting instance at Interesting to see when this will actually take off.


  • Hubzilla (.org) is a very nice free social media where membership is to the entire network, not only to an instance.



  • Friendica (.com) is the least steep and long learning curve free social media alternative to Facebook.
  • The Friendica Directory is a place where you can find instances by location, groups, interesting tags and quite naturally people on the network

GNU social

Forprofit social media


Twitter (.com) is a well known ad funded w:microblogging platform.

We are kind of there with the handle @consumium since 2012.

Read more on twitter:


Google+ is a foray into social media by Alphabet Corporation also known as Google.

Read more on Google+:


Facebook (.com) is a well known ad funded social networking site that serves hundreds of millions of users every day.

We are there with the handle @consumium since 2012 but the account didn't become public till 2015.

They employ a modern approach to serving content, using a CDN (Content delivery network)

Read more on Facebook:

Former social media

  • Tsu (.co) was an interesting experiment where they copied the other services in clean cut implementation and gave 90% of their ad revenue to their users. It ran from 2014 to 2016.