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Simple English Wikipedia is a source of glossary definitions that those with a less developed knowledge of English will be able to understand. See the simple English Wikipedia itself for more.

It had some potential to provide reliable simple briefings that would be a good way to explain what some more important terms mean in the elaborated version of the Consumerium buying signal that includes "Reasons to buy or not buy"... However in its present form the project cannot possibly serve that purpose, as it uses too poor a vocabulary and has no mission to be comprehensible or apply any clear standard or defining vocabulary discipline. It also refuses to consider or even discuss user demographic or user psychographic methods used in real world projects (like the user story approach) and has even been effectively taken over by a known inquisitor. Thus it has no role in Consumerium, and has effectively become one of the worst enemy projects - something that is not a basis for translation, for definition, and is driving off its most experienced contributors for what amount to ad hominem conflicts between users which arise solely out of witch-hunt tactics.

It is now one of the least troll-friendly projects and those who are part of its sysop power structure should in general be driven off by trolls so they do not also destroy this project, or any essential projects we care about.