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==See also==
==See also==
*'''[[Publish Wiki]]'''
* '''[[Publish Wiki]]'''
* [[Development Wiki]]

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In Research Wiki

From Research Wiki

Articles deemed valid for Publish information will be transferred to Publish Wiki by designated Publish Wiki sysops and bureaucrats and perhaps by Users and Verified Users. At this phase syntax required for automatic assesments will be enforced.

An initial version of an Research Wiki Article is manually (actually via XML-export-import) further transfers of content from Research Wiki to Publish Wiki may be executed by

  1. Article signing. Someone who has been granted the right to sign an article will automatically export it to Publish Wiki; article signing will be conducted from Publish Wiki or
  2. Time-out transfer (article not edited for a period of time, how this timing is set may be individually negotiated, possibility of hostile trolling by trivial edits to prevent time-out must be handled) or
  3. By bureaucrat decision

How this is done is the most essential part of the Consumerium Process.

Edits done to a Research Wiki Article will be tracked and Publish Wiki will be notified if versions are out-of-sync.

See also

Research Wiki is one of the proposed names for the intermediate page wiki.

Here edits, votes and bets may be resolved and maybe disputed by formal factions, by dissensus, or whatever other unwise means may be defaulted to. In other words, it's where what is true enough to publish is decided. See Talk:Development_Wiki for debate on the naming scheme, and Opinion Wiki for how it might work.

This bears similarity to Opinion Wiki, which is now mostly planned to be implemented in the Signal Wiki