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The [[Consumerium buying signal]] and [[collate|articles collated]] according to [[preferences|consumer preferences]] are generated from '''Publish Wiki'''.
#REDIRECT [[publish:namespace]]
For simplicity's sake it is assumed that no [[Consumerium:intermediate page|intermediate page]] editing will be done in the '''Publish Wiki''', but all edits will be done in [[Research Wiki]]. This way we will have to check [[Consumerium Process|article synchronization]] only in one direction.
[[Campaigns]] and [[TCE|Votes]] will be the only editable regions here and even they are ''white-listed'' (a [[mediawiki]] feature), wherein only logged in users will be able to edit pages. Thus no voting or campaigning rights for [[trolls]] here. If you want to make campaigns editable to [[trolls]] then they should '''originate''' in the [[Research Wiki]]. If you '''do not want''' campaigns edited by unauthrized people/[[troll]]s definatelly initiate and retain the campaign here. Also [[troll]] initiated campaigns may be adopted and even forked from by Groups and VirtualGroups here.
As opposed to the anarchy of Research Wiki here will user's have different levels trust. eg. [[User]] vs. [[Verified User]]
Groups and VirtualGroups as described in [[Opinion Wiki]] '''may''' be implemented here.
Articles in '''Publish Wiki''' flow from stabilized and normalized, syntax checked versions of [[Research Wiki]] where [[troll friendly|trolling is allowed]] even encouraged.
==See also==
* '''[[Research Wiki]]'''
* [[Development Wiki]]
<small>'''Publish Wiki''' resembles  [[Content Wiki]] which was an ad-hoc development purpose name</small>
<small>'''Publish Wiki''' will implement [[The Consumerium Exchange]] functionality as far as this can be done "wiki-way". Specialized [[software]] will have to be developed and plugged into the wiki to enable indices and other aggregate information to be displayed in the [[consumerium buying signal]]</small>
<small>'''Publish Wiki''' will take on the role of [[Opinion Wiki]], which was an ad-hoc development purpose name for discovering how [[Campaign|Campaign management]] and [[TCE|voting]] could be done in a [[Wiki|WikiWikiWeb]]</small><br/>

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