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Fair trade, political consumerism and moral purchasing trends are coming together to create what we call moral purchasing power:

Consumerium is a not-for-profit project to focus that power. We are collaborating under the GFDL license, to design a healthy buying infrastructure. We are identifying hardware requirements for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers at the point of purchase. We hope to be part of an evolving healthy signal infrastructure that all essential projects can participate in. Also see the Consumerium:FAQ

We invite you to participate by editing proposals and discussions below. Any page can be edited by anyone, or restored to a previous state by anyone, which is the convention we assume will also apply in operation in this R&D Wiki (see What Consumerium RD Wiki is not, guidelines and rules for do's and dont's

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Looking for info on companies and products now? - Planned Features to The Consumer - Consumerium Services
Opinion Wiki - Content Wiki - The Consumerium Exchange - Current Design Paradigm - Essential projects
Fairtrade On Demand, Consumerium User Stories

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