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Minimazing the use of Landfills as a means of waste disposal by providing enhanced information on recycling is one of the goals of Consumerium.


Take restaurants for an example. I've worked at a restaurant and the work description of the dishwasher didn't include separating biowaste from non-degradables due to from what I heard from the manager this would require machine cooled biowaste storage areas due to rotting and the smell produced by it. Having staff do waste separation might slow the work down a little and in this case there would have to be a fixed investment in a cold room for Biowaste separation, so a price premium could be applied to restaurants that do this work to reduce landfill


Another example is retail. Do they recycle packaging materials such as cardboard, carton and plastic wrappers that are discarded when the products are received from logistics and placed on the shelf


Lots of paper waste is generated where management of businesses takes place. Another small but meaningful office-residue are coffee-grounds. Are these recycled

See also

  • Work descriptions that are to aim to describe all professions so that consumers can see how much and what kind of work goes into a product and researchers can look for points of improvement in practices