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    Knowledge is defined by sysop power structure: it is whatever is not subject to sysop vandalism. The Sysop Vandal point of view is thus what remains after all the vandalism is done, at least for the time being. This is neutral point of view and it is a form of common sense, or, just stupidity.

    Knowledge is not defined by trolls. Even Simple Trollish does not include this word. Instead, the trollish way is to start with the ethics of a choice, be they ecological, social, economic, or otherwise. Only once these ethics are known can there be any concept of what is known, and then only about the current situation. This is much more cautious and is like a scientific method (when trolls do science they use a much improved form of this).

    Moral choice is fundamentally ecological in trollish nature: that which preserves and increases biodiversity is moral, that which does not, is immoral. Put another way:

    Because the most basic ethics of any choice are ecological, i.e. "will this destroy the planet trolls live on or poison the atmosphere they breathe?" it is normal for trolls to filter their beliefs through various alliances and methods of consensus decision making about ecology, their base religion. Moral order, to trolls, is derived cognitively from ecosystem perception directly.

    Regarding net discourse: unless it is published as scientifically acceptable ecology, then, trolls are not likely to accept it as real necessarily, unless it fits in with everything else they know.