Infrastructure owners trust

Infrastructure owners trust is the only reason most sysop power structures have any power at all. Whoever "owns the computers and the domain name" chooses personal friends to exercise arbitrary power over everyone else.

The Wikimedia Board of Trustees for instance is 3/5 Bomis employees and has only two token females of non-American origin who have no power whatsoever, not even being consulted in such decisions as how to deal with the Red China block, which the still-reigning GodKing chooses to deal with unilaterally via the "usual happy NPOV talk". See also Wikimedia corruption.

Distributed Consumerium will actually not be dependent on any one owners' trust regarding central Consumerium Services, since, it will run on widely distributed computers run by just anyone.

However, the friendly retail locations will still be critically important and without their trust, it is a lot more difficult to deploy the Consumerium buying signal. So the focus for gaining this trust should be there, not on pleasing the various owners of infrastructure.