Heroic trolling

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Heroic trolling is trolling that is recognized by most people (other than the sysop power structure of course) as doing something useful.

For instance, engaging in witty combat until someone very stupid or doing things clearly contradicting the wiki mission is driven off by trolls. Or, raising and suggesting ways to fix issues of systemic bias (which sysops will always claim does not exist). Or, simply acting as Lowest Troll when there is no one else doing so. Some honour may accrue to those who take such responsibilities, and stigma will likely accrue also via the sysop power structure which sees trolling as vandalism and their own activities, necessarily, as being never capable of becoming equivalent to vandalism. The lower the social status and the more stigma applied by vile people, the more heroic.

Because the Lowest Troll usually has some infrastructure owners trust, however, they cannot achieve what is called magnificent trolling - this term is reserved for very despised trolls who drive off even GodKings and discredit ontologists, which is later seen to be a Good Thing. The Wikipedia Red Faction seems to engage in heroic trolling and to recognize that there is some potential for magnificence in their activities to oppose Wikimedia.