GFDL corpus

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    The GFDL corpus is the body of all material licensed under GFDL. It includes at least the GFDL text corpus material made available by:

    A GFDL corpus access provider permits retrieval of, and editing of, this material. There are numerous requirements for these due to the GFDL itself - covered in that article.

    There is some hope that a true unified GFDL Corpus with a single set of editing and forking and reintegration rules might arise. This would require removal of obstacles (like Wikimedia and its usurper clique), perhaps bringing in more ethical players like FSF and an independent board for the corpus itself.

    In particular, legal harassment by Auntie Angela and Daniel Mayer and developer harassment by Erik Moeller and Tim Starling must be expected against any such independent entity or even any large public wiki, e.g. Recyclopedia, which is actually effective at beginning to unify the corpus. These individuals must be considered enemies of the readership of the corpus itself, to be resisted and undermined and defeated on every level.

    The Consumerium Governance Organization will probably need to take some interest in this, as it is not going to be possible to integrate input from all the above without some way of making who believes what, why. The Research Wiki may or may not be part of the corpus. In any case it will have to define itself as being wholly independent of any Wikimedia interference or harassment.