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    Democracy is an inexact concept. See w:democracy for how inexact.

    Consumerium Services employ more precise ideas like:

    all of which serve democracy in various ways. See also anti-authoritarianism in practice for the various ways in which majority decisions can be defied, which minorities tend to do often. See faction for the most practical way to keep declaration of bias public and systemic bias under some control.

    All democracy relies on explicit basis for unity of political leaders with the people choosing between them at regular intervals, and some controll of the bureaucracy's biases and clique and power to make its groputhink real by oppression of alternatives. Without this corruption will inevitably emerge, e.g. Wikimedia, China. Since most people think that is a Bad Thing they tend to think of democracy as a Good Thing.

    However, democracy empowers majorities and this can be sad for minorities too.