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Declaration of bias

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A declaration of bias is an explicit statement that one sees things a certain way and is unlikely to change. This helps warn others how to approach you, or what issues not to approach you on, and may help others of like mind find you to cooperate with you. Examples of such statements about on dating services and any political web site.

Consumerium Services may exploit faction labels so that people who are more willing to agree on definitions of factionally defined terms will find each other and cooperate more effectively within a deliberative democracy - helping convince others who care less about those issues to adopt their terms.

Once that is done, a declaration like "we dislike those who kill ape mothers" can be made and easily subscribed to or agreed by many people. The systemic bias of all participants can gradually create a community via consensus democracy, on those issues on which there is much agreement. But beware of virtual community and other false community which is based only on common submission to a tool or power structure, or worse, both combined into a sysop power structure practicing developer vigilantiism.