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The big choice is whether we want the Consumerium Governance Organization to be supervising changes to ConsuML data or not. If not, then, we take option 2, and everything stated as true in ConsuML goes through to the Signal Wiki for only legal clearing.

If we are however untrusting of ConsuML data, however assembled, then we have to express it all in this Consumerium:intermediate page format to let people update and fix the facts that are wrong or untrustworthy or believed only by one faction or something. This may help feedback to get better ConsuML and more honest factions, but, it means we take on the burden of always editing the ConsuML before the consumer sees it.

It's a big decision.

Also it's not clear that Criticism/Praise is necessarily the right way to divide comments - that seems factionally defined, since comments that one party might take as a compliment are possible to take as degradation by some other. So maybe we need green criticism, pink praise, etc.