Consumerium alphabetical list of projects, sites, services and companies that no longer exist

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Consum(er)ium list of projects and stuff that no longer exist


  • - had a very interesting search engine in the 00's for figuring out who owns who! This is essential to track those constantly-changing names.


  • was an ethical information SMS+XHTML-service in the 00's in Finnish. Was discontinued and won money was donated to Kulutusjuhla Ry.
  • CorpKnowPedia was an early 00's wiki tracking the corporate landscape with the intention of building a database to track the behaviour of corporations.






  • Lsb - was an epic wiki named "eg" ( suppose thatäs latin for example gratularis or so ) by the lsb:Efficient Civics Guild use [[lsb:Article name]]



  • Recyclopedia(.info) was a closely aligned wiki that used GetWiki, an ancient fork of Mediawiki. Recyclopedia is down for an unknown period. Although much of the content seems to be reappearing at the Embodiment wiki.



  • Finnish language product-oriented ( instead of holistic orientation like Consum(er)ium )


  • UnitedDiversity - Also referred to as "udoo." (United Diversity Open Organisation). A very interesting London based group dedicated to building commons and sharing resources: to improve quality of life for all while simultaneously reducing ecological footprint. [1]


  • - was a wiki for our vegan friends, currently only in German, but English, French and Spanish wikis are being prepared for setup


  • Wikicompany(.com) - a community built, free content, worldwide, business directory.