Consumerium Process

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Consumerium Process is about how information flows from Noise Wiki to Signal Wiki, how it is arranged, perhaps into Intermediate pages to provide for automatic aggregation into the Consumerium buying signal and information aggregartion and collation according to each consumer's preferences

only logged in users of repute are allowed to edit (whitelist) and their edits are very restricted - typically only pass/fail or removal of assertions or unverifiable facts; this should be considered a "final edit for publishing" and using this access to totally rewrite things is simply a breach of faith
further restriction based measures will be adopted to provide for stability, such as bonded users, verified users (real identity known and checked) vs. normal users (may be normal pseudonyms, real but unverified names, and some

shared pseudonyms for troll factions)

collective identities of organizations or groups could also be bonded or verified in some cases, these might look to others as an individual user but will have a name that makes it obvious that there is some factionally defined system of agreeing on edits, votes and bets they make

There's a necessity to innovate and to make it easy for groups to raise their objections without necessarily tying them to any single identity although the single name makes it easy to avoid identity disputes. This will matter in legal situations especially.

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