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Testing. Testing.

Further testing. The error message still says SpamBlacklist's invokation is breaking causing the error

The problem seems potentially have been in the SpamBlacklist script breaking to old age or corrosion of bolts.

That did not work. If this works then it means the reCAPTCHA works.

This too.

This edit should trigger the reCAPTCHA.

Testing if is properly installed

Installed PHP module GD .. let's see if it works now ..

Rebooted apache2, perhaps it works now..

wrote "$wgSpecialPageLockdown['VisualMathCaptcha'] = array('*');" in LocalSettings.php, maybe it works now


Testing if Extension:ConfirmEdit is installed..

Further testing..

Seeing if fancycaptcha works..

Alright. Now MediaWiki debug logging is on.. let's see what is stopping the capthca from working.

Let's see if SimleCaptcha will work. According to Special:Version the ConfirmEdit extension is on.

Testing testing..

Testing MathCaptcha. Installed Math-extension, gonna need that anyways.

Testing.. Testing..

Yeah.. Anons can edit, also users and even the sysops can edit

This could be it.. Found some settings which had defaults that explain the lack of me seeing the CAPTCHA upon hitting "Save page."

Again.. This could be it.. found a default that turns CAPTCHA off for sysops..

Yes! Now the CAPTCHA is triggered but there is still something minor wrong with the installation. I check that the TeX support is on.. It could also be lack of write permissions for the temporary file that holds the graphical MathCaptcha

Now texvc should be working.. testing.. testing..

testing the blacklisting

Seeing if the wrong server name bug (introduced by me) is solved

Overview of a Wikibase statement

Testing the new interwikis:

And the ones that now use SSL/TLS encryption