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The original design paradigm dates back to 2001 when Juxo had no knowledge of the existence of such collaborative editing software such as wiki and the original plan was to

  1. Use XML for both facts and opinions to keep it human readable and editable to avoid becoming too technocratic
  2. Keep Consumerium workable by applying strong algorithmic checks on insertion of data.
  3. Store historical data persistently so that later on trends could be discovered from the functioning of Consumerium Services mostly The Consumerium Exchange which is a metaphor for a place where NGOs can bring their campaigns to see which campaign and which campaigners have the broadest support
  4. The distiction between core data (in centralized databases, verified by "staff") and scatter data where the only required information to be inserted into the system would be the URI to fetch the data. This was sort of to allow free circulation of fiction as "external" or "scattered" XML could be delievered and parsed for the Consumer
  5. Distinguish presentation of information onto a program called the Consumer Agent from the storage

Later this "use XML for everything" was revised to store facts in a wiki called the Content Wiki to distinguish from this R&D wiki and store opinions in XML grammar called ConsuML for The Consumerium Exchange

Laziness and general lack of algorithmitically competent developers led to the UI being done by (X)HTML rather then the dedicated Consumer Agent

Even later on this was revised to utilise wiki code for almost everything as The Consumerium Exchange gave way for Opinion Wiki where opinions could persist and thru strict syntax rules data could be propagated into a view by code plugged into a modified mediawiki software

Recently the consumerium house trolls have been on the war path with Wikipedia that a long time was designated as a reference point for keeping facts as facts and not allowing every rumor to persist as a fact as that would lead to information inflation wherein Consumerium loses it's trust it may sometime have had.

Also the implementation of the Python programming language on smartphones is directing our attention towards Alternate wiki-implementations, mainly MoinMoin which is modular in it's design and written in Python