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Consumerium:Producer summary

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AV-advertisement breakthrough

Consumerium Services in the future will provide new breakthrough advantages for small low volume producers such as the ability to stream Advertisement Videos to consumers on a one-to-one basis, wherin the consumer has requested to see the video and is therefore presumed to be interested specifically in your product opening up AV-marketing to small businesses as never before possible.

Unified feedback

Itself:Consumerium itself aims to become the largest unified consumer feedback channel in the world. Consumerium will likely classify producers as either closed producer and open producer depending on how the producer makes information of it's products and The Service cycles of production available to Consumerium.

This attitude towards and cooperation with Consumerium will affect the threshold of consumers to make their valuable opinions on the services (or products) provided by the company. Those seen as open producers might gain better insight into possible future,changes in the "demand-climate", product or packaging enhancement suggestions, even tips on totally new products that there is demand for.

Free marketing

Consumerium features allow consumers to make their feedback or comments either