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== Cookies ==
Your data will not be sent to other parties and is stored in Finland.
* This wiki uses only cookies necessary for the functioning of the website for the visitor.
+ uses a [] [ instance] located in Finland and operated by [[User:Jukeboksi|Juho Kunsola]] to [[w:web analytics|track and analyze wiki traffic]]. [[w:IP address|IP address]]es are anonymized by one byte.  
== Your data ==
Untick the checkbox at [ Juho Kunsola's Matomo] to opt-out of tracking.
* Your visitor data will never be traded or sold.
* To perform web traffic analytics, IP-addresses, '''anonymized''' by one byte, are queried against a DBIP / GeoIP 2 database to find the approximate location of users.
== Analytics ==
* This wiki uses a [[w:Matomo (software)]] [ instance] by []. It is located in Helsinki, Finland, and operated by [[User:Jukeboksi|Juho Kunsola]] to track and analyze wiki traffic.
* To opt-out of tracking untick the checkbox at [ Juho Kunsola's Matomo].
* Matomo '''automatically honors [[w:Do Not Track]]''', so you don't need to opt-out if your browser is set to ask to not be tracked.

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