A Consumerium dispute may be of several kinds, often lumped together into the generic "neutrality dispute" which is an inexact way of saying that the factionally defined terms don't lead to any consensual point of view.

All articles in Research Wiki should be nominally Consumerium:neutral point of view, a descriptive meaning "any statement which is disputed requires attribution." Facts that are not disputed in practice need not be attributed - until they are disputed. Then what happens depends on:

A Consumerium:identity dispute and Consumerium:factual dispute are very common cases that can be resolved with reference to trusted sources. Almost everything else is disguised politics as usual dispute.

Statements of the form "X is often asserted to be true, but is not true" might be in the main article if they are very prevalent beliefs, but usually will be moved to another space devoted to Critical point of view, e.g. talk page. This is because so many things are not true "about the topic" that it would be an abuse to list selectively what is not, e.g. "the Lowest Troll of Consumerium does not wear a dress in public and does not beat up squirrels".

Some believe that disputes are themselves productive and useful. There may be a need to question some facts randomly or systematically from a New Troll point of view just to make sure that no sources are overtrusted and no common sense is accidentally being placed in articles. NPOV alone is not enough of a prescription, because of the systemic bias of editors and contributors. One form of vandalism is to harass contributors by disputing things that are actually not in dispute except for ad hominem reasons, then censor it when they give up "defending" it. Various forms of sysop vandalism in particular are often conducted in exactly this way.

Anyone may dispute the Consumerium buying signal and this is helpful if it is done before lawsuits start. The Publish Wiki may not contain all the attribution information, but, it will be available by drill down on all Consumerium Services, especially the buying signal that the consumer sees. Controversial or less trusted sources or disputed facts that appear in Research Wiki may not get to Publish Wiki - it should be up to some answer recommendation system - and definitely not decided by sysopism or the use of bogus terms like "non-neutral"

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