Consumerium:Intermediate user page

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    You can have a user-page by registering with the Research Wiki. Inappropriate, rude/offending or misleading user names may be removed/renamed by Consumerium Governance

    • Freeform explanations about who/where you are and what interests/agendas you may have
    • User:YourUserName/IndirectVote is a page where you link to one Organisattion:SomeOrganisation to give them your Indirect Vote that is to say that you authorise this organisation to use you Indirect Vote on your behalf. You cannot use you Indirect Vote in any other way. Pls. note that only on organisation at a time is allowed. If you list more then one the first one in order will automatically selected. You may change your vote anytime but bear in mind that it might take a day or two for your change to propagate to the actual popularity of your new choice of organisation.
    • User:YourUserName/VerifiedUser you may not make by yourself. You must contact the Consumerium Governance Organisation and give them your real name and affiliations with any organisations and companies on whose behalf you inted to make statements. Your request will be checked by looking up your phone number and calling you to make sure you are who you are claiming to be. Consumerium:We must charge a little amount of money since this costs money and time to do the verification. Current plans are that this charge is voluntary ie. you may choose to not pay it, but the fact of did you pay (support our infra) or not will be recorded on your Verified User page that is then protected by Consumerium staff.