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The proposed Consumerium is mainly technocratic and fails to address the real problems of real humans. Consumerium favors the technically enabled and inclined in a unfair proportion.


There is unfortunatelly no way to build an workable, effective system and ensure equal rights of expression for everyone and there are plenty of people who are naturtally more concerned with getting their immediate hunger, disease, physically or psychologically hostile "environment" fixed.

The original idea of using XML to run the majority of Consumerium Services was revisioned to utilize Wiki code extensively for one to counter this threat of becoming just a playground for those with most advanced algorithmic abilities and other technological resources. Another meaningful reason for this was to enable us to reach some kind of implementation stage more quickly. Operation of heavy load Wikis, mainly Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, have been succesfully run for a long time by The MediaWiki Community.

Using Wiki code to encode and store facts and opinions enables anyone with:

  1. Basic reading and writing skills in some written language
  2. An input device, such as a keyboard or a digital pen
  3. Connection to standard Internet

to participate and contribute without resorting to obsole technologies such as papers and pens or similar equipment.

Please Note: Surely paper and digital can be bridged by volunteers if there are any.



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