Consumerium:Consumerium Itself

Consumerium, itself makes claims about Consumerium, i.e. what it "is" or "is for":

These claims about itself guide the project. If a claim is made in even one place off to the side, it is important, and should be added to the above. If the claim is wrong, change it in the article it came from, and THEN change it here.

Mention of Consumerium, itself in articles requires some standards to ensure:

  • Text need not change when moved elsewhere in the GFDL text corpus. If we refer to this project in the third person, as Consumerium, then the text stands up better when moved elsewhere in the GFDL text corpus. This should be a standard everywhere Consumerium, itself is mentioned within.
  • Statements about "Consumerium is...", or "Consumerium does..." can be more easily found, closely examined, and disputed (by factions or otherwise). This is absolutely necessary to achieve deliberative democracy, design reflexivity and some positive brand management - we would not want strange claims or assertions about its purpose or character to go unexamined, and we would want to support any desirable role or purpose. This is simpler if 'what links here' is a comprehensive list. Accordingly, any mention that affects identity or defines or limits a purpose should be to Consudev:Itself not Consumerium, to distinguish from casual mentions that do not make any such claims (e.g. what "Consumerium says..." about something that is not itself).
  • It provides a positive counterpoint to What Consumerium is not, which is the negation of Consumerium:Itself. But by definition can't define any progressive or positive mission! It's easier to keep "not" updated if "is and does" are up to date.
  • It reminds people to update the Main Page occassionally and keep up to date with the most effective terminology to describe concepts under discussion.

What Consumerium is not may actually be more important to understand for daily operating and governance decisions.