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    Blues are the good old conservative guys in (blue) suits who come over the (blue) sea and drop bombs on you from the (blue) sky with some Empire. Many think Pinks and Greens are cute or silly, and Reds scary.

    They see no basic problem with capitalism and enjoy betting on both sports and the stock market, seeing no problem with basing the whole economy on bets. In this they are kind of similar to trolls but unlike trolls they try to foment a good reputation.

    Some Blues advocate Natural Capitalism however or see basic problems with economics like the Greens do. Some Blues also advocate ethical investing and moral purchasing as a way to refine "the system" without radical change. Most understand how central an audit and accounting standard are to keeping any market system going.

    Many may think there is no need for Consumerium Services because in their ideology, economic choice is so separate from moral choice that a buyer who does not choose the lowest price is "always cheating himself." In their view, no price premium for a better comprehensive outcome is better placed getting that outcome, than saved and spent on one's nonprofit objectives, by oneself.

    There are definitely advantages to the Blues' point of view, after all, they rule the world, and it's not for no reason. It should be completely understood.

    Natural Capitalism, the Green Patent License and Consumerium Prediction Market are three good examples of working within Blue frameworks to do rather radical things.