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'''Blues''' are the good old conservative guys in (blue) suits who come over the (blue) sea and drop bombs on you from the (blue) sky with some Empire.  Many think [[Pinks]] and [[Greens]] are cute or silly, and [[Reds]] scary.
They see no basic problem with [[capitalism]] and enjoy [[betting]] on both [[sports]] and the [[stock market]], seeing no problem with basing the whole economy on bets.  In this they are kind of similar to [[troll]]s but unlike trolls they try to foment a good [[reputation]].
Some Blues advocate [[Natural Capitalism]] however or see basic problems with [[economics]] like the [[Greens]] do.  Some Blues also advocate [[ethical investing]] and [[moral purchasing]] as a way to refine "the system" without radical change.  Most understand how central an [[audit]] and [[accounting standard]] are to keeping any [[market system]] going.
Many may think there is no need for [[Consumerium Services]] because in their [[ideology]], [[economic choice]] is so separate from [[moral choice]] that a buyer who does not choose the lowest [[price]] is "always cheating himself."  In their view, no [[price premium]] for a better [[comprehensive outcome]] is better placed getting that outcome, than saved and spent on one's [[nonprofit]] objectives, by oneself.
There are definitely advantages to the Blues' point of view, after all, they rule the world, and it's not for no reason.  It should be completely understood.
[[Natural Capitalism]], the [[Green Patent License]] and [[Consumerium Prediction Market]] are three good examples of working within Blue frameworks to do rather radical things.

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