Automatic stub generation

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Automatic stub generation would be immensely useful for avoiding redundant manual work.

Here is the outline of how it would work:

  1. Enter a EAN or UPC (or GTIN) code as an article name from a product you have bought.
  2. Autostub generation detects if the article doesn't exist and offers you the possibility of automatically fetching the product name and other available data from GEPIR (packager), Internet UPC Database (packager and product name) or one of the Product registries (lot's of information which is not publicly available but must be negotiated) and makes a stub in Product:SomeProductName and generates a redirect from the code-page to this product page
  3. You can then proceed to edit the stub generated, first task being stating where you bought it by linking to the retailchannel (very important link for information collation purposes and providing a usable view with very minimal coverage of whole range of products available)
  4. Then you can go on writing a review of the product