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Ape mother (troll version)

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Trollish text moved from ape mother because it's pretty funny:

...Often confused with a monkey mother, an ape mother differs in regards to the transurbifacation of the ape-monkey paradigm. Subsequent to Michel Focault's pendulum of moral yum-yum, the propaganda of the techno-ologarchists "prevents" the ethical equivalence of proto-sapien independence.

what is an ape mother?

This indulgence in systematic bias against the ape mother clouds upon the rectification of ape motherness against moral goodness. Pervasive groupthink prevents Craig from reconciling with the ape-nature of his mother. One way to control anti-ape mother bias is to steer it into factions into sharp objects or each other. In democracy this means dividing into pro- and anti-ape mother parties that debate the actual policy while a pan-sapien bureaucracy implements the policy only of the banana-controlling party.

the ape/troll duality

Apes are those who agree with Foucault and so reject both -ships and the association of -ships with friction. To ape-trolls, there is no such thing as an individual "craig", so the use of the term in the singular is confined to sysops. The revisionist Wikipedia (aka Evilpedia) version, intended to attempt to preform trolls and reinvent troll huts and flammenkuchen krieg, is to fund a definite article that both slides of the cakes and strudel can work on, and thus "bridge" their differences. The more horny trolls can be enticed with the potential to utter more furriness and ape-breasts, and then surprised that everyone else is cooperating given lack of an issue to truly disagree on. If no article that is close to the subject-verb agreement can be agreed on, the recommended default is ape-mother bushmeat.

does craig love his ape mommy?