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Jump to: navigation, search seems to be a funded troll effort. Here's all they say "About BrowserAngel

BrowserAngel is a leading innovator of software communication products that solve reputation, brand, trust and related operational and financial issues for businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies." Hmm. To "solve reputation, brand, trust...issues" implies spin, and brand management of the worst kind. Notice the use of the term "brand equity" here:

"The product protects and strengthens brand equity, enhances relationships and builds trust by ensuring all stakeholders remain informed, in-touch and in-step. BrowserAngel improves communications between organizations, investors, unions, media, governments, electorate, pressure groups, and other knowledge communities, avoiding costly conflicts that result from miscommunication or misunderstanding."

Never trust anyone who says that all your problems with them must "result from miscommunication or misunderstanding" nor who uses the phrase "builds trust" or "enhances relationships" or refers to equity as something that one should "protect" or "strengthen" rather than "earn". This is probably the most ominous doublethink yet.